Premium Lens Implants

Eye surgeons have been using lens implants to replace cataracts for approximately 50 years. These standard style lens implants usually allow you to see clearly for distanceorreading vision. During the past few years, new premium style lens implants have been developed and FDA approved. In most cases, they give a person clear distanceandreading vision.

Dr. Steven Andersen and Dr. Vincent Ray offer the TECNIS multifocal, Crystalens accommodating, and ReSTOR multifocal lens implants for people who are considering cataract surgery. Not everyone is a good candidate for these lenses. Dr. Andersen will help determine if these lenses are right for you, and he will recommend the type of lens that will best fit your needs.

TECNIS Multifocal IOL

TECNIS Multifocal IOLThe TECNIS multifocal IOL has focusing rings which begin near the center of the lens and continue out to the edge of the IOL. These rings split light into different ranges of focus (hence the name multifocal). As a result, vision is not affected by pupil size or lighting conditions. Even in dim light, distance and near vision is good. Most people also report good intermediate vision as well. Immediately after surgery, some patients may notice halos around lights when driving at night. However, as the eye adjusts to the lens, the symptoms lessen and usually resolve.

Crystalens Accommodating IOL

Crystalens Accommodating IOLThe Crystalens accommodating IOL has a flexible focusing lens which is mounted with simple hinges to the support arms of the IOL. There are no focusing rings. The hinges allow the lens to move forward and backward with the use of your focusing muscles. The process of changing focus with your own focusing muscles is called accommodation. Most people with the Crystalens have clear distance and intermediate vision without using glasses. Most can also read newsprint without glasses. Some people do need glasses for fine print, especially in dim light. Of the three lenses, the Crystalens is most likely to provide the best vision for driving at night.

ReSTOR Multifocal IOL

ReSTOR Multifocal IOThe ReSTOR Multifocal lens has focusing rings which do not extend to the periphery of the IOL. The lens manufacturer creates the rings in an “apodized” pattern to provide improved vision. In dim light, the lens is designed to give better distance vision. As with the TECNIS lens, most people will notice halos around lights after their procedure. The halos usually improve over time.

Please see our comparison chart to learn more about premium lenses.